Wow! It’s been months since I’ve been able to post anything new about the World Cup but as of last Wednesday morning, I received an email: “Apply for your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tickets”. I know, I’m late. I have covid so I’m a bit slow on posting right now, but never fear this will be a great post for anyone who has wanted to go to the World Cup.

This now is my attempt to go to my third World Cup, I thought I would walk you through how to get tickets, the costs, and how everything works, so let’s begin!

To get tickets to go here. You have from today January 19th – February 8th to apply for tickets. It is not a first come first serve basis, so you can apply at any time in that time frame. When the portal is closed they will announce the random draw and ideally, you will have won the ticket lottery and will get the rights to purchase your tickets.

After creating a log in you will go through a few terms of agreements. Next, you will enter in your first and last (surname) name, where you currently live, and your date of birth.

Next up is choosing your tickets, this is new to me. I have not seen this before, especially the four-stadium ticket series.

I went with the individual match tickets option. Once inside you will see a list of all the matches available, from group play to knockout games. The price goes up once the knockout round begins.

Normally when looking for a game, I find a host city that I want to go to and then pick the least demanded knockout stage game. With this World Cup taking place in November and December, I won’t be able to do knockout games, as I will be busy with work, so I’m going to randomly select 3 matches that I think I can make based on my work schedule and hope for the best.

I also select the lowest available category, Category 3 since I’m cheap and am going for the atmosphere and to travel. Note “Please take into consideration that you may apply for up to six (6) tickets per match with a maximum of sixty (60) tickets across the entire FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ competition, per postal address.”

The prices (QAR 100 = USD 28) for Group Play:

  • Category 1 QAR 800
  • Category 2 QAR 600
  • Category 3 QAR 250

Prices for Round of 16:

  • Category 1 QAR 1000
  • Category 2 QAR 750
  • Category 3 QAR 350

Prices for Quarterfinal:

  • Category 1 QAR 1550
  • Category 2 QAR 1050
  • Category 3 QAR 750

Prices for Semi-Final:

  • Category 1 QAR 3480
  • Category 2 QAR 2400
  • Category 3 QAR 1300

Prices for Final:

  • Category 1 QAR 5850
  • Category 2 QAR 3650
  • Category 3 QAR 2200

Once you select a match that you’re interested in, then you will select your category and number of tickets. When selecting a number of tickets you will need the information of the other ticket holders, including their DOB and passport ID. You can change this later if they can’t go, I just put in my family.

The next step is to enter the rest of your personal information and then you will get to step 3 of 3 for completing the application.

On Step 3 of 3, I always check the “I Accept Ticket(s) in Another Category” to increase my chance of getting tickets. However, in my two other previous experiences, I got tickets in the category and the match I wanted.

This year is nice because I didn’t have to enter my payment information and have my card billed immediately. This time you will get an email if you get tickets and then can make a decision at that time. Ideally, you will know who is going to pay at that event before you have to pay, fingers crossed.

If you’re going with a large group you will get a personal group ID after you file and you can give this to your friends so they can use that ID when they buy tickets for the same match.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments, best of luck on getting tickets in the lottery!


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