Growing up I went to the North Shore every summer to play soccer. Our Team would stop at Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock every time we would play Two Harbors. I havenโ€™t been there in over 15 years so, I figured what a better way to knock of the last trip of summer than to go the North Shore. My friend Dominic wanted to go too, so we headed up north to check out two state parks and bike the Gitchi Gami State Trail.

The cost to enter the park is USD 7 and you can pay online or pay at a dropbox. The permit office was open, the first park since the pandemic started that had the permit office open. Check out trail maps for Split Rock Light House State Park & Gooseberry Falls State Park.

Day 1 โ€“ Beach, Waterfalls, & Biking 08.18.2020

The furthest point in our trip was a three-hour drive from my place. Trying to do this all in one day Dominic and I got up early and made the trip out to arrive late morning at Silver Bay. This town is home to the famous Black Beach, and I wanted to go view the cliffs and Lake Superior.

After two hours we decided to head back to the car and drive to Split Rock Light House. From here we would like the main trail down to the beach and then back up to the lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse was closed due to COVID-19. Beautiful views of the coastline from the top.

But even better views once you walk down to the shoreline, getting a postcard picture of the Lighthouse.

Next, we biked the Gitchi Gami State Trail to Gooseberry falls. This portion of the trail is all paved and great for road bikes. The route is 10.5km (6.6mi) one way. Here is a 15 second timelapse of the trip.

Arriving at Gooseberry State Park there is the main waterfall and since it was August we were able to walk down and walk right up to the falls. The park has 5 sets of waterfalls, we didnโ€™t have too much time as it was late in the evening and we needed to get back to the cities.

Ten waterfalls down, a lot more to go! Minnesota Waterfall Counter:

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