Went to the Blue Lagoon in May of 2017, they were under construction and expanding. Had a great time, here are some things that I would have found helpful. Here is there site.

Quick Points: 

  • Book far in advance and use a third party site to save money, especially since it will include a round trip bus ride. 
  • The lockers are relatively large and are managed by a team member; I felt safe leaving all my valuables there. 
  • Your hair is going to be in rough shape so use conditioner before and after and honestly it may even be best to take a break and use some again.
  • Drinks are roughly KR1,150 (USD 10), and you are capped at three alcoholic beverages throughout the whole day. But you can bring your drinks into the water. 
  • They do have floaties for your arms or noodles if you ask, however they were super stingy on this, and I had to tell them I couldn’t swim to get one. 
  • The place is large and at most maybe 5 feet deep but relatively shallow, average depth would be 3 feet. 
  • The silica mud mask is free, and I would recommend using it, my skin feels great. Also if you like it buy it at the airport it is KR$8,000 and duty-free (USD 75) at Blue Lagoon and online it is USD 115. 
  • Towels cost KR795 (USD 7.50) bring your own, no reason to give them more money. 
  • Sandals are not needed, the whole place is very smooth, there were hardly any rough edges. But I would bring sunblock; I got burnt in 4 hours.


I booked this with Viator and used a 15% coupon, so it was around $100 us per person for a group of 4. The bus picked us up at a bus stop and was right on time, and then drove us to the Gray Line Hub. Went inside printed out our vouchers and we were on our way. It was about a 35-minute drive from the Gray Line Hub. The bus has free Wi-Fi but it isn’t the greatest but the bus is comfortable, and there are great views on the way.

On the way back the bus comes in 1-hour time slots. They then bring you back to the Hub and then another shuttle takes you back to your initial pick-up point.

Once you arrive you go to the pre-voucher line, the staff is very friendly and helpful. 

They give you a wristband that is a wallet and tracks your purchases, and you’re able to use your locker. Do not lose this; you pay at the end for all of your purchases.

Was there for about 4 hours which was plenty of time, went earlier in the morning and it was very busy. I would say if you’re coming from Reykjavik expect a total of 8 hours of your day round trip.

The silica mud mask is great and the stay will take your pictures, just dry your hands before putting it on and look in a window, otherwise, it smears.


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