I flew into Venice from Amsterdam because it was a direct flight with an airline that got me the most points and had the best safety record. I initially was going to fly into Ljubljana but that seemed liked more of a headache and it was common for people to fly to Venice and then take a shuttle to Ljubljana. So I figured since I had to do this anyway, I might as well stay two days in Venice.

I always pictured myself going to Venice when I was married or in a committed relationship, as it seems to be a more romantic place. However, Iโ€™m glad I went and two days was plenty to see everything I wanted. If youโ€™re going to Venice you should know that in the summer it is overcrowded and on some streets, you are shoulder to shoulder with people, restaurants can be loud and overpacked and souvenir stores can take an hour to get something depending on how busy it is.

At the time of writing this post EUR 1 = USD 1.23

Day 1 โ€“ Arrival & Dinner 07.08.2018

We arrived in the evening and stayed just outside of Metropolitan City of Venice in Airbnb. The place was a short bus stop to the main island of the city. The best part was it was in a tower apartment so we had overlooking views of Venice, you can check out the place I stayed here. New to Airbnb? Use my referral code to get $50 off your first stay.

We took the bus to the main island, the bus is operated by AcTV, and to get to the main island we took the number 2 route. You can buy a Venezia Unica card and reload it each time or you can just pay each time you get to the bus stop. There are ticket machines at almost every bus stop. We bought a tourist travel card at the bus stop which is a time-based card.  The cost for the two full days we were there was โ‚ฌ30 a person.

Arriving in Venice, I walked over the famous bridge took a few photos and then we went out for dinner, saving tomorrow for the full day of exploring.

Day 2 โ€“ Explore Venice 07.09.2018

We planned to spend a full 12 hours in Venice, walking around and exploring the city. The first stop was to take a Venice canal tour aka the famous gondola ride. It was my mum’s only request stopping in Venice and a definite must do! We had found a tour at Santa Croce, the cost was โ‚ฌ80 for the three of us, and the ride lasts about 30 minutes. This is pretty expensive and gets even more expensive at night up to โ‚ฌ120.

After the tour, I walked around for at least two hours before having a late lunch. In Venice, there is so much to see but just walking around the city is enough. Every corner you see something unique, it’s its little world in Venice. The place we stopped for lunch, was of course Hard Rock Cafรฉ, knocking off another one off the olโ€™ list haha. This was by far the most unique looking Hard Rock Cafรฉ I have been too.

The next place to check out was the Venetian Lagoon, this is a great place to watch a lot of boats pass and to just relax. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in this area too, we stopped at Al Chioschetto for some drinks. A short walk away from the Lagoon is the Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute.

Finishing the night off with a nice Italian meal at Ginoโ€™s Srl Pizza Restaurant, highly recommend the place. The waiter service in Italy is above any country I have ever been too and the service at Ginoโ€™s was the best I have ever had.

Off to Ljubljana in the morning.


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