I went to Slovenia specifically so I could go to Lake Bled to do some Canyoning. The plan was to leave in the morning by bus and return to the city by bus in the evening. Since flying directly into Ljublijana from Amsterdam wasnโ€™t an option I flew into Venice, stayed for two days, and then took a shuttle to Slovenia.

At the time of writing this post EUR 1 = USD 1.23

Day 1 โ€“ Arrival & Explore City Center 07.10.2018

I took a shuttle from GoOpti airport transfer which costs โ‚ฌ25 per person and the ride is a little over 3 hours long. As you get closer to the border of Slovenia the ride is beautiful with all the green and mountain landscape. If I had to do this again I would and I recommend GoOpti.

Once we arrived we checked-in to our Airbnb, I made a mistake and needed to stay an extra day so I had two Airbnbs but with the same host. The first one here, and the second one here. If you haven’t stayed at an Airbnb before and want $50 off your first stay, please use my referral code. Walking down to the city center the first thing I noticed is how much the city reminded me of โ€œmid-evilโ€ architecture, it’s so cool. When you go into the city center you cross the Ljubljanica River. There are many unique bridges include the famous Dragon Bridge. We finished the evening at Popโ€™s Place and I had hands down the best Cider I have ever had, Jabolcni Tat Cider. ย 

Day 2 โ€“ To Lake Bled 07.11.2018

Most of my day was at Lake Bled, which you can read about here. When we got back in the evening we walked around the city center a bit more to explore and then had dinner at Pizzerija in Restavracija Promenda to watch a world cup semi-final match.  

Day 3 โ€“ To Lake Bled Again 07.12.2018

From reading the Lake Bled post above youโ€™ll find out that our plans were changed due to rain and we had to come back again to do the canyoning. This time we got back even later than yesterday but just in time to catch the World Cup Semi-Final match between Croatia and England at Fany & Mary. This was a big deal since Slovenia borders Croatia, the city was packed with Croatian supporters.

Honestly, I wish I had spent more time in Slovenia and itโ€™s a country I would love to go back to explore for a month or longer, I highly suggest this place to anyone looking to travel through Europe. Off to Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow.


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