This was originally supposed to be a one day trip but ended up being two separate one-day trips full of adventure. From white water rafting for the first to go to the top of my first castle. Lake Bled is so peaceful and the scenario is stunning.

At the time of writing this post EUR 1 = USD 1.23

Day 1 โ€“ Attempt 1 of Canyoning 07.11.2018

Taking the bus from Ljubljana in the early morning on our way to Lake Bled, we got the tickets online which was very confusing and took me days to figure out. Not realizing I could have just bought the tickets at the bus station, but I was paranoid and wanted a guaranteed seat. I got the tickets from Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana and the cost was โ‚ฌ12.84 per person round trip. The bus makes many stops on the way up to Lake Bled and takes about 2 hours.

About 15 minutes from arriving at the destination I receive an email saying that Canyoning is canceled for the day due to heavy rainfall the night before. My brother and I debating to turn around we talked to live Adventures and were able to book a few open slots on white water rafting, the cost was โ‚ฌ40 per person.

This was both of our first times’ white water rafting, and it was a blast, the river was class II so very calm for beginners. During a part of the ride, the crew pulls the raft aside and you get to float down the river. Iโ€™m not sure if I would do this specifically again because it was a little too calm for my adventure taste but it was a great first time for water rafting. After rafting, we headed back to Ljubljana to meet up with my mum.

Day 2 โ€“ Attempt 2 of Canyoning 07.12.2018

Instead of buying my bus tickets online and going through that mess again we woke up and got our tickets at the bus station, for our second two-hour one-way ride out to Lake Bled, with the hopes of canyoning being open. When we arrived we received the good news that we could indeed go Canyoning.

This was by far the cheapest canyoning experience Iโ€™ve had, the cost is โ‚ฌ65 per person. Normally Iโ€™ve paid well over USD 100. This canyoning experience had a lot more jumps and swimming than the other ones Iโ€™ve been on, which were all in New Zealand and are more rappelling based. At the end of canyoning, you rappel down a waterfall, and then if you want you can jump off a bridge into a river.

After canyoning, we headed back into Lake Bled to explore the town. We went up to the top of Blejski Grad Bled Castle which costs โ‚ฌ11. Once youโ€™re inside there are souvenir shops and places to eat, but the best part of all is the overlook of Lake Bled.

There is so much more to do in Lake Bled and I wish I would have planned more time here, I look forward to going back someday. If youโ€™ve been to Lake Bled what all have you done? Leave it in the comments below.


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