My last stop on my 2018 trip to Europe. Completely unexpected, last-minute planned, and a great way to add another city to my trip collection.

Day 1 โ€“ Arrive & Find Pissing Foutain 07.18.2018

Since my brother and I extended our trip we did everything we could to lower our costs but still enjoy our time. It was cheaper to fly to Brussels instead of Amsterdam and then drive to Amsterdam the next day to fly home. Luckily my friend Immanuel lives in Brussels and put us up for the night and drove us to Amsterdam the next morning.

We arrived late in the afternoon and didnโ€™t have too much time to explore. We did go to the city center and check out a few souvenir stores only to find this little boy pissing on every shirt, key chain shot glass, and any other type of souvenir you could think of. I had no idea what this was, then Immanuel told us that itโ€™s a famous fountain in Brussels. We went to check it out, it is called Manneken Piss.

On the way to the statue we had to stop by Hard Rock Cafรฉ to knock another one off the list, I didnโ€™t eat but made sure to have one drink so it still counts. We then headed back to the city center to get some photos of the square at night.

Day 2 โ€“ One More Pissings Statue & Waffles 07.19.2018

My second to last day abroad with my flight back home leaving from Amsterdam tomorrow morning. We didnโ€™t have too much time today but when we woke up I knew one thing was for certain, I had to try some famous Belgium Waffles. I headed to Aux Guafres de Bruxelles for breakfast which Immanuel said was the best places to go for Waffles. The local kid was not wrong, this place was amazing.

As we were eating breakfast Immanuel told us there was another pissing statue, that was not as famous called Jeanneke Pis. This one is of a girl pissing, the Belgians are interesting people, I even found out when I came home they had one of a dog too. They dress up all three statues during holidays and seasonal events.

The last stop on the list was the Atomium. I didnโ€™t know anything about this place other than it was on the way to our drive to Amsterdam and Immanuel suggested it for a few photos. My time in Brussels would short but filled with a lot of exploring. I look forward to going back to Belgium someday to explore more of what this country has to offer.


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