My second time in the last year flying down to Orlando to visit my mate Jordan and his wife Maddie. This time I came early enough in hopes that I could go to a spring and see the pristine blue water.

Day 1 โ€“ Hiking & Tubing 05.31.2021

Rainbow Springs State Park is in Dunnellon Florida, an hour and a half drive from Orlando. The park features some man-made waterfalls, a swimming hole, and tubing. The cost to enter is $2/pp and the cost for tubing is $20/pp. They also offer kayaks and paddleboards for hire.

We initially drove to the tubbing entrance by accident but we lucked out because we were able to buy our tubbing tickets for entry before they filled up and were able to come back later in the day when it was hotter out. Once the parking lot is full for both the park and tubbing then they stop all sales and once you leave you cannot re-enter.

We then went to the state park and started the walk to the waterfalls. I had initially thought the park had some nice waterfalls carved from nature but when I arrived the walking path had several waterfall features that were manmade, most of which were not even operating.

We then went over to the spring and went swimming. Compared to last year in July/August when I went to Blue Springs State Park, the water was crystal clear, the swimming hole is also in the sun most of the day so the water wasnโ€™t as cold.

After swimming we went tubing, the tubing takes about an hour and a half, and they donโ€™t allow any plastics so bring reusable containers. A lot of people brought snorkeling gear with which I now know if I go back, I will do the same. We didnโ€™t see any alligators, but we did come across some turtles and birds (American Darter).

Check out the video below of my time at the park. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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