I am starting this blog to keep in touch with my friends and family. I currently moved to Christchurch, New Zealand at the end of December 2018 to complete my Master’s in Finance.

I normally keep my life very private and steer away from sharing my travel experiences on social media; how I plan for them and how I budget/pay for them. In light of recent events and realizing that I’m 13,500 km away from home I thought it would be important to share my past and future experiences, my views from each place I visited, how I was able to budget and plan for them, and lastly, the credit cards I use.

Since June of 2014 I have visited 17 countries and 30+ major cities. My close friends always ask, “How are you able to pay for this?” “How are you able to get those for cheap?” “It’s amazing how much you travel with your fear of flying”.

To sum this up, there are two things that have really helped me pay and budget for these, my life long skill of budgeting and turning my credit score around from 520 to 810 in the matter of two years.  And for that pesky fear of flying, that will never go away, but prior to my first international trip, a good friend of mine told me, “If I let fear control my life, then it’s not a life worth living”, this has helped me more than he knows.

Almost all of my trips are planned around some sporting event, whether that be a professional sports game, Formula One GP’s, or even the World Cup. And whilst I’m visting a new place, I cover as much ground as possible.

Looking forward to starting my blog and contributing to it, feel free to follow me on Instagram @ahoyne9 or Twitter @aaronhoyne hopefully I will start to use these more often.


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