I initially started this blog to do two things, 1.) to keep in touch with my family and friends, having moved to Christchurch New Zealand in December of 2018 to complete my Masterโ€™s in Finance, and 2.) to help people improve their credit. Allowing individuals to maximize credit card bonuses to travel for free/cheap.

After putting in close to 100 hours of writing and organizing my blog for the finance side of it, I noticed that even though it was being read, anyone I followed up with wasnโ€™t taking my advice. Making some self-opinions about this I decided that it was best to use this blog to show my travels and if a fellow traveler finds it helpful then Iโ€™m grateful.

I am a 30-year old self-driven individual that has traveled to 19 countries since 2014, all with a major fear of flying. I enjoy building my trips around some type of sporting event (i.e. World Cup) or adventures.

Graduating with my Masterโ€™s in Finance and Economics in January of 2020, I had planned to take some time off to travel to South America and Europe before searching for my next job.With COVID-19 putting these plans on hold I decided that I would add all my past travels to this blog instead of the ones going forward.

Up until April of 2019 I never posted any of my travels online, I started an IG account and uploaded all of my travels to date. You can view that here.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you.



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